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    how to build a shipping container home book

    Design and Build Your Container Home with Our New Workbook

    This workbook takes you through the process on how to design and build a container home. By the end of the workbook you will have a good level of knowledge about what is involved and be equipped to design your perfect container home.

    This is Version 1, and although it is already well over 100 pages of unique content, it is only part of what will basically become an encyclopedia on designing and building a container home. Our team of Architects and other professionals have contributed to this being the first comprehensive book on how to design and build a container home.

    This book has been designed so it can be read on most devices or be downloaded and printed with a standard printer on A4 paper.

    Chapter 1 – Preliminary Research and Inspiration

    Chapter 2 – Is a container home the right choice?

    Chapter 9 – Passive Solar Design (reducing building and energy costs by utilising smart design techniques)

    Chapter 11 – Construction methods and materials

    Bonus 1 – 18 of the best bathroom layouts for shipping container homes

    Bonus 2 – Technical drawings for 20ft and 40ft shipping containers

    The only way to build your perfect home is to be involved in the design process, this workbook will cover all of the essential elements in designing and building your perfect home.

    Client Testimonials

    We have been contemplating if a container home would be right for us for a couple of years now.

    Thank you for helping us with the detailed plans and being patient while we worked out what we wanted.

    The 3D render of our eco home is amazing and we could not be happier.

    Jen and Dan, Vic

    Many thanks for the wonderful design that you put together for our new home. The final eco home design you presented us with exceeded our expectations and the 3D images you provided absolutely made our concept burst into reality.

    We are delighted with how it turned out and are really looking forward to the end result when the construction phase is completed. Thanks again for the wonderful work.

    Chris and Vicki Trompert, QLD

    We are thrilled with Garry’s work. He is very patient and helpful with any additional questions we had being out first project of this nature. He responds to emails very quickly and would send revised drafts within a few days. He was familiar with our manufacturer so we were confident his drawings were accurate.

    We can not recommend him enough! We are happy to discuss our experience with any potential customers. Just ask for our email. Thank you & best Wishes

    Greg & Miranda, NSW

    About Eco Home Designer

    Eco Home Designer is an Australian company built to provide you with the initial resources for designing your dream home. Do you have an interest in building with sustainable products, recycled products, up-cycling, DIY housing, off grid systems and much more?! But not really sure where to start, how to approach your council, not quite sure exactly what you want it to look like then this is where we come in!

    Eco Home Designer has grown in response to our own journey and the journey of like minded Australians. Although there is now more sustainable products and eco friendly alternatives than ever before, it is still difficult to assess and decide what is right for you and how to turn your ideas into plans.

    Primarily this is our focus and the reason we have grown quickly, we provide the resources and knowledge to take you from “this is interesting but I have no idea what’s next” to “We now have clear action steps for building our perfect eco home”.

    Contrary to what you may have heard, designing your eco home CAN BE one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of our lives, not only do we ensure you have the right information but we also deliver it in clear and enjoyable ways.


    Unlimited User Access

    Unlimited Access User gives you access to all of the available download eProducts now and in the future, this includes pre-designed plans, ‘How to’ videos and eBooks for sale on our website SHOP page for a one time payment.

    Unlimited Access Users continue to get full access to all existing and future plans, ‘how to’ videos and eBooks without having to pay for each eProduct (Plans, Video’s and eBooks).

    Custom container home plans provided by Eco Home Designer are perfect for planning your container home, getting quotes from container home builders, bank loan applications and council applications. *documents from engineers and other services required.

    Custom Container Home Plans Include
    1. Floor Plan Drawings
    2. 3D Views
    3. Elevation Drawings Of All 4 Sides
    4. Electricity Plans
    5. Details Of Wall And Roof Insulation
    6. Details Of Wall And Roof Construction
    7. Door And Window Schedule
    8. Site Plan

    For more on what is included go to our Custom Container Home Plans page