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    custom container granny flat plans

    Custom Container Granny Flat Plans


    Our custom container granny flat plans are designed with Revit in order to provide you with best plans available, the detail and 3D visualisations ensure you are able to see what your new shipping container granny flat will look like as it is being designed.
    Whether you are building for family and friends or for extra income, we can help design your new container granny flat plans.

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    Project Description

    Shipping container granny flats are popular in most states of Australia due to three main factors, quick time to build, great value and transportable.  More councils are supporting granny flat developments and unique designs such as shipping container granny flats, if you are unsure whether your local council will approve you can contact them directly

    Custom container granny flat plans supplied by Eco Home Designer are perfect for planning your container granny flat, getting quotes from container granny flat builders, bank loan applications and council applications.*other documents from engineers and other services required.

     How designing a custom container granny flat works

    1. Decide if a custom container granny flat plan is right for your purpose, if unsure please send us an email.
    2. Send us a sketch and your container granny flat requirements,
    3. We will discuss the requirements and send you a quote and proposal,
    4. When you are ready to proceed we require payment of the invoice prior to beginning the custom container granny flat plans,
    5. First draft of the plans will be sent via email within 7-10 days,
    6. Each revision we will advise on potential issues or improvements, each revision will be delivered within 7 days,
    7. After we have completed all plans listed below, the final plans will be approved by you and the designer,
    8. Once approved the plans can be sent to the engineer and other services, if changes are required for structural or regulatory reasons these will be completed at no extra charge,
    9. If changes due to a change of mind are required this will be quoted as an addition based on how much needs to be changed.

    Custom Container Granny Flat Plans Include (Custom Container Home Plan Example):

    1. Floor Plan Drawings
    2. 3D Views
    3. Elevation Drawings Of All 4 Sides
    4. Electricity Plans
    5. Door And Window Schedule
    6. Site Plan
    7. Details Of Wall And Roof Insulation
    8. Details Of Wall And Roof Construction (not to be confused with construction drawing and computations)

    Custom Shipping Container Granny Flat Plans Do Not Include:

    1. Site survey map, feature and contour survey in .pdf and .dwg files, to be completed by a local site surveyor.
    2. Consultation regarding solar power, waste treatment systems or other specialty systems. We recommend you discuss your options with the companies who sell and install these. Once you have decided and have the specifications we can add these to the plan.
    3. 3D Render Images and Video (unless with special offer)
    4. Construction drawings and computations
    5. Truss and roof construction
    6. Materials list
    7. Engineering (our custom container granny flat plans will be ready for an engineer and drafts person to start their work)

    Requirements to begin Custom Container Granny Flat Plans:

    • Design brief completed
    • Basic sketch of your container granny flat requirements
    • Site survey with boundaries, features and contours. Only required if being designed for a specific property
    • Payment of invoice

    Contact us for a custom shipping container granny flat quote via our contact page.

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