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    We have been contemplating if a container home would be right for us for a couple of years now.

    Thank you for helping us with the detailed plans and being patient while we worked out what we wanted.

    The 3D render of our eco home is amazing and we could not be happier.

    Jen and Dan, Vic

    Many thanks for the wonderful design that you put together for our new home. The final eco home design you presented us with exceeded our expectations and the 3D images you provided absolutely made our concept burst into reality.

    We are delighted with how it turned out and are really looking forward to the end result when the construction phase is completed. Thanks again for the wonderful work.

    Chris and Vicki Trompert, QLD

    We are thrilled with Garry’s work. He is very patient and helpful with any additional questions we had being out first project of this nature. He responds to emails very quickly and would send revised drafts within a few days. He was familiar with our manufacturer so we were confident his drawings were accurate.

    We can not recommend him enough! We are happy to discuss our experience with any potential customers. Just ask for our email. Thank you & best Wishes

    Greg & Miranda, NSW