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    Nov 28 th, 2017
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    How To Design And Build Your Container Home eBook V1

    how to design and build a container home Book
    how to design and build a container home eBook 4how to design and build a container home eBook 3how to design and build a container home eBook 2how to build a container home eBook 1Windows in shipping container homedoors in shipping container homestairs in shipping container homeInsulating shipping container homePassive cooling a shipping container home 2Passive cooling a shipping container homeContainer home bathroom layoutShipping container details 3

    $60.00 $30.00

    This workbook takes you through the process on how to design and build a container home. By the end of the workbook you will have a good level of knowledge about what is involved and be equipped to design your perfect container home.

    This is Version 1, and although it is already well over 100 pages of unique content, it is only part of what will basically become an encyclopedia on designing and building a container home. Our team of Architects and other professionals have contributed to this being the first comprehensive book on how to design and build a container home.

    Everyone who buys Version 1 will receive all subsequent electronic versions of “How To Design And Build Your Container Home” at no extra cost.

    This book has been designed so it can be read on most devices or be downloaded and printed with a standard printer on A4 paper.

    Chapter 1 – Preliminary Research and Inspiration

    Chapter 2 – Is a container home the right choice?

    Chapter 9 – Passive Solar Design (reducing building and energy costs by utilising smart design techniques)

    Chapter 11 – Construction methods and materials

    Bonus 1 – 18 of the best bathroom layouts for shipping container homes

    Bonus 2 – Technical drawings for 20ft and 40ft shipping containers

    The only way to build your perfect home is to be involved in the design process, this eBook will cover all of the essential elements in designing and building your perfect home.

    Why don’t we just complete the book, rather than selling V1 for half price? 

    We are a full time design and planning firm and our clients come first. As we have been overwhelmed with clients from all over the world we have only been able to put aside around 10 hrs each week to write the eBook, this is mostly on weekends or early in the morning. We understand there is a lack of good information available and yet many people are still pushing ahead and building incredible container homes.

    We want to get the best information out as soon as possible so we can help more people design and build their own homes.

    More information below.


    Product Description


    Designing your perfect home can be difficult even if you hire the best Architect, but it doesn’t need to be. It comes down to understanding the difference between our needs and wants, what is important and what is a ‘like to have’.

    We all have constraints, time and budget are the most common but there are a lot of other considerations. Shipping container homes are a great solution for many people and this workbook will step you through the process in order to build your understanding of container homes and working out the best solution for your ideal home.

    Quite a few people have asked “Why are you creating a book which explains how to design and build container homes, when your main business is designing custom container homes for people?”. The fact is, our business has been built on one primary principle “Help as many people as possible to design and build their perfect eco container home”. By providing relevant and useful content for new home builders, we reduce the costs involved for everyone and we can help more people.

    The biggest unnecessary cost for container home builders is working out what they really want and how that fits into their budget. This book helps you easily work through what matters most to you and how to get it for the cheapest price.

    Many people will still engage an Architect firm such as Eco Home Designer even when they have worked out most of the plans for themselves, however, by having a clear idea of what they want, it will save them $1000s of dollars, time and a lot of confusion.

    How does it work?

    Simply purchase the eBook from this page and then it’s automatically available for download, you will also get an email with confirmation of the purchase.

    This eBook already contains more unique and usable content than any other book on container homes, by purchasing “How To Design And Build Your Container Home eBook V1” you are buying the rights to each subsequent version of the “How To Design And Build Your Container Home eBook”.

    The latest version of the eBook will always be available for download from your personal account at not extra cost.

    Is a printed version of the container home book available?

    We will make a printed version once the book has been completed, but for now you can get it printed on A4 in a folder or book from printing places such as Officeworks for about $15.

    how to build a shipping container home book

    What if you don’t like the “How To Design And Build Your Container Home eBook”?

    We always believe in providing massive value for minimal cost, this is our philosophy with Architectual plans and all other products we offer. This eBook is not different, if you are unhappy with the eBook or simply do not feel you got enough value then just let us know and we will refund your money.

    We are always keen for feedback and we will happily incorporate it into all areas of our business.

    What next?

    We are continuing to write and build the ‘How to design and build your container home’ book, although we have been swamped with custom container home plans, we make sure we put aside time each week to add to this book. It will continue to expand until we have covered all elements of designing and building a container home.

    V1 only has 4 chapters but there are many others which have been started and are near finished. As we complete or update chapters, these will be available to download from your customer account.

    The full list of chapters will include –

    • Chapter 1 – Preliminary Research and Inspiration
    • Chapter 2 – Is a container home the right choice?
    • Chapter 3 – How to draw a container home plan
    • Chapter 4 – Who is involved in planning and building the container home?
    • Chapter 5 – Dealing with council and getting approval
    • Chapter 6 – Property considerations
    • Chapter 7 – What does YOUR container home need?
    • Chapter 8 – Livable housing design guidelines
    • Chapter 9 – Passive Solar Design
    • Chapter 10 – Design Principles and Regulations
    • Chapter 11 – Construction methods and materials
    • Chapter 12 – Connecting and Sealing Shipping Containers
    • Chapter 13 – Going off grid with container homes
    • Chapter 14 – Cost of building a shipping container home
    • Chapter 15 – Financing a Container Home

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