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    Jun 28 th, 2016
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    SCH16 7 x 40ft Refrigeration Containers with Iron Cladding


    $400.00 $200.00

    File Types: PDF provided in ZIP for downloading. RVT file sent on request.

    This product is a pre-designed preliminary plan which you can use to plan you own container home. (This design uses refer containers)

    These plans may need additions specific for your property and council applications. These preliminary plans should be used to speed up the design process and reduce overall costs, may be used for construction by experienced builders but may need more details if the builder has not done a container home before.

    For a quote on custom plans or plans for council approval, please ask for a quote via our contact page, please reference the plan and the changes you would like.


    Product Description

    The SCH 16 is an elegant home perfect for a large family or a holiday house. With three large bedrooms and two bathrooms, this unique Eco Home offers all the amenities of a traditional house without overlooking modern design. Built from 7 x 40ft refrigeration containers, the home’s stylish exterior combines corrugated iron sheets and brick cladding.

    The entrance to the house is through the glass doors on the front porch. As you enter, you face a wall, which will give you privacy from any guest entering your home. Turn left to find the open-plan space that constitutes the heart of the home. This 7.3m x 12m area can be used as a living room and dining room at the same time. Or if you prefer to put the dining table in the back porch, you can always open the large French doors at the back of the room. This arrangement comes useful for large family gatherings or barbeques.

    The living/dining room also has a beautiful gable roof, giving it more room height at the centre, and allowing the installation of several solar panels that add to the EcoHome ideal.

    To your left-hand side is the 4.8m x 4m kitchen, big enough to fit a sink, stove, dishwasher, fridge and even a small bar counter with three to four stools for a quick breakfast.

    Step outside the kitchen and into the corridor. As you turn left, you’ll find the laundry room, where you can easily fit any needed appliance plus a couple of hanging racks.

    Return to the corridor and turn left once again. You’ve arrived at one of the two bathrooms. With 2.2m x 3.5m, it fits a sink, toilet and shower, and has its own entrance, which is convenient if you’re thinking about having party guests over. It also has a private access through the adjacent bedroom.

    Step through this door and you’re now inside the large 4.8m x 4m bedroom. This room may be suitable for guest usage as it has its own closet space, is big enough for a Queen-sized bed and it is located on the opposite side from the other two bedrooms, usefully offering privacy to yourself and your guest.

    Go back to the living/dining room and walk across to the other side of the house. Again there’s a wall to allow a more private access to the rooms. Also, you can hang your family’s pictures on it or get creative and paint something decorative.

    As you go around the wall, to your left, you’ll find the Master Bedroom of 4.8m x 3.8m. It has its own walk-in dressing room and a private access to the large 4.8m x 2.2m bathroom, where a toilet, double sink, bidet, shower and tub fit perfectly. The Master Bedroom also has three large windows and thanks to the shed roof, it also has a magnificent double height ceiling of 4.1m. Still wondering why this room is called the Master Bedroom?

    Last, but certainly not least is the 4.8m x 4.5 bedroom, sitting at the opposite side of the Master Bedroom. To get to know it, step outside the Master Bedroom door and head for the living/dining room once again. Face the wall front and now turn to your right instead.

    Open the door in front of you and you’re peering into the last bedroom of the house. But don’t feel discouraged; this gorgeous bedroom also has a wide closet and three large windows for letting the sunlight or summer breeze in.

    All in all, this Eco Home has everything you need to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle without having to compromise space or any type of commodity. If you have a large family or are thinking about building a holiday house for them, then the SCH 16 is the perfect option for you.

    Ideal for: Large family, Family, Holiday House
    Can be built on: Flat building site, with correct footings, most soil types
    Use: Residential or commercial accommodation
    Type of footings required: Slab, stilts/poles/posts
    Total undercover area: 202sqm
    Total inside area: 202sqm
    Total livable area: 252qm
    Bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms (1 @ 4.8m x 3.8m, 1 @ 4.8m x 4.5m and 1 @ 4.8m x 4m)
    Bathrooms: 1 @ 4.8m x 2.2m and 1 @ 3.5m x 2.2m
    Kitchen: 4.8m x 4m
    Living/dining room: 7.3m x 12m

    Container Home Features:

    1. Front porch and back deck
    2. Solar panels
    3. Laundry room
    4. Open plan for living/dining room
    5. Shed roofs

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