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    Sep 17 th, 2016
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    SCH18 2 x 40ft Container Home Plans

    shipping container cabin plans

    $400.00 $200.00

    File Types: DWG and PDF provided in ZIP for downloading.

    This product is a pre-designed preliminary plan which you can use to plan you own container home. (This design uses standard shipping containers)

    These plans may need additions specific for your property and council applications. These preliminary plans should be used to speed up the design process and reduce overall costs, may be used for construction by experienced builders but may need more details if the builder has not done a container home before.

    For a quote on custom granny flat plans or plans for council approval, please ask for a quote via our contact page, please reference the plan and the changes you would like.


    Product Description

    If you think you can’t have a traditional Queenslander house built with shipping containers, think again. This incredible 142sqm home proves that shipping containers can be used to build just about any kind of home, whether you’re wishing for a more traditional-style design or a modern, industrial-style home.  

    What makes this home absolutely unique is its rear wooden deck, along with the three fans that help keep it cool. You’ll fall in love with its Dutch gable roof and its exterior wood cladding that resemble the Queenslander architecture.  

    The entrance to the house is through the front deck. As you climb up the steps, you are greeted by a row of glass doors that when folded, they turn the inside part of the house into a great breezeway.

    Fold the doors to go inside the house. The first room you encounter is the 5.6m x 4m living room. This space is great for having a drink or just spending time with the family, especially if you open up the breezeway and enjoy the cool air.

    In front is the dining room of 4.1m x 4m, big enough to fit a family table for six.

    Turn to your left to find the large 4.1m x 2.3m kitchen, where you can fit a sink, stove, dishwasher, fridge and even a long bar counter to have light snacks or breakfasts on. The kitchen also has a large glass window on top of the sink to make the daily dishwashing more entertaining by looking at the lovely view outside.

    Step out of the kitchen and into the first door on your right. You’ve arrived at one of the two bedrooms of the house. This 4m x 2.3m bedroom is big enough to fit a full-sized bed along with its two nightstands and even a telly in front.

    Next door on the right is the 3.9m x 2.3m office. With its large glass window overlooking the front of the house, this space is perfect for setting up a couple of desks and working long hours.

    In the opposite side of the house, across the living room is the door to the Master Bedroom. Slide it open and walk into the 6m x 2.3m room, long enough to fit a bed and a small bench at the foot of it, along with a wide closet in front. The Master Bedroom has two glass windows on each side to let the air and sunlight in.

    Stepping out of the Master Bedroom, walk further to the right and you’ll see the door to the 3m x 2.3m bathroom. Don’t be worried about only having one bathroom in the house, as it is large enough to comfortably fit a toilet, sink, tub, shower and bidet.

    The last room in the house is the 3.1m x 2.3m nook, with enough room to turn it into a laundry room, or maybe a third bedroom with a bunk bed for the kids. It has its own ceiling fan with light and a large window to keep the heat to a minimum.

    All things considered, if you’re a couple, a small family or two to three roommates looking for a house with traditional charm but a modern, eco-friendly design, then this is the perfect home for you.

    Ideal for: Small family, couple, sharing roommates,
    Can be built on: Flat building site, with correct footings, most soil types
    Use: Residential or commercial accommodation
    Type of footings required: Slab, stilts/poles/posts
    Total undercover area: 142sqm
    Total inside area: 97sqm
    Total livable area: 142qm
    Bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms (1 @ 6m x 2.3m and 1 @ 4m x 2.3m)
    Bathrooms: 1 @ 3m x 2.3m
    Kitchen: 4.1m x 2.3m
    Living room: 5.6m x 4m
    Dining room: 4.1m x 4m

    Container Home Features:

    1. Front and rear wooden deck
    2. Office
    3. Nook
    4. Dutch gable roof
    5. Fans with light in every room

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