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    Jul 7 th, 2016
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    SCH19 2 @ 12m x 3.4m Shipping Container Granny Flats


    $400.00 $200.00

    File Types: DWG and PDF provided in ZIP for downloading.

    This product is a pre-designed preliminary plan which you can use to plan you own container home. (This plan uses a custom built container which is 3.5m wide)

    These plans may need additions specific for your property and council applications. These preliminary plans should be used to speed up the design process and reduce overall costs, may be used for construction by experienced builders but may need more details if the builder has not done a container home before.

    For a quote on custom granny flat plans or plans for council approval, please ask for a quote via our contact page, please reference the plan and the changes you would like.


    Product Description

    Nowadays, families are much more complex than they used to be. Not every family is made up of two parents and a certain number of children. This is the reason why homes can no longer be built the same as they were fifteen or twenty years ago. As we evolve, our homes must do the same.

    If you consider yours to be a “modern family”, with a different living situation than most, then this EcoHome may be perfect for you. If you’ve got your mother or father-in-law living with you, you may be aware that although the do require certain amount of privacy, they still need you to keep a close eye on them. Or maybe it’s the other way around, and you’re a couple with an older son or daughter living with you; so you’re looking for a single house with a separate unit that will maintain independence between the home users without really ever leaving each other’s side completely.  With the SCH19, you will achieve just that.

    Both flats are the same dimensions and they are each a mirrored design of the other. They also both embrace their shipping container structure by showing off the original container corten steel wall as exterior finish.  

    To enter either flat, you may walk up to the front deck or through the covered 6m x 3m carport. Each flat has its own carport and private entrance, so you will have no issue parking your car right next to the front door.  

    Slide the French glass doors and step inside the 5.1m x 3.4m area of the house, which holds the living room and dining room in the centre, and the kitchen in the left corner. This room fits a nice table for four to six people, a large, comfy sofa with a telly in front and the kitchen in the back fits all the essentials: fridge, stove, sink and counters.

    Turn to your left and slide the wooden doors. You’re now at the 2.3m x 1m bathroom, large enough to fit a toilet, sink and shower. It even has its own opening window so it doesn’t get stuffy.

    Exit the bath and walk to the dining room again. Turn to your left once more, and open the first door in front. Step inside and discover the 3.4m x 2.8m bedroom. This room can fit a large bed and wardrobe. It also has its own window looking out into the back of the house.

    Go outside to the dining room again. Walk across the kitchen and living room. You may have noticed how nice the deck looks outside. To better enjoy your wooden deck, slide the French main doors open and take a seat in your living room. The breeze feels good as it cools the inside of the house, doesn’t it?

    You’re only missing one room to visit in this incredible EcoHome, the second bedroom. Stand up from your cushy sofa, and walk towards the wood door in front. Peer inside the 3.4m x 2.7m bedroom that perfectly fits a large, Queen-sized bed and a long wardrobe. The window in this bedroom overlooks the south side of the house, for letting in some nice low sun in the winter.

    If you’d like to visit the people living in the other flat, all you need to do is step outside to your front deck and go around your own home. Pass the container structure of the next-door flat and walk up to their private deck.

    You see? Only a couple of steps away but still remaining independent from one another.

    Ideal for: Granny flat, annexe rental flat
    Can be built on: Flat building site, with correct footings, most soil types
    Use: Residential or commercial accommodation
    Type of footings required: Slab, stilts/poles/posts
    Total undercover area: 60sqm per flat
    Total inside area: 41sqm per flat
    Total livable area: 80qm per flat
    Bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms per flat (1 @ 3.4m x 2.8m and 1 @ 3.4m x 2.7m)
    Bathrooms: 1 per flat @ 2.3m x 1m
    Kitchen/dining/living room: 5.1m x 3.4m

    Container Granny Flat Features:

    1. One Carport per flat
    2. One wood deck per flat
    3. Each flat with separate entrance
    4. Large windows in every room

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