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    Sep 18 th, 2016
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    SCH9 8 x 40ft Container House Andejong Design

    container house plans andejong design

    $400.00 $200.00

    File Types: DWG and PDF provided in ZIP for downloading.

    This product is a pre-designed preliminary plan which you can use to plan you own container home. (This design uses standard shipping containers)

    These plans may need additions specific for your property and council applications. These preliminary plans should be used to speed up the design process and reduce overall costs, can be used for construction by experienced builders but may need more details if the builder has not done a container home before.

    For a quote on custom plans or plans for council approval, please ask for a quote via our contact page, please reference the plan and the changes you would like.


    Product Description

    This BOLD shipping container home is sure to stand out in any street it’s built on. With a striking blue colour in the exterior and orange French doors, this Shipping Container Home will definitely catch your eye and will surely not look like any regular house on your street.

    It’s perfect for a large family to live in or to use as a holiday house, given its four large bedrooms and ample spaces.

    To enter the house, go through the door on the west side, climbing up the steps to the wooden deck. You’ll step into the long central corridor, which distributes the rooms of the house. The first door on your right is a 4.8m x 4m bedroom, where you can fit from a full size to a king size bed, with its two nightstands.

    The first bathroom of the house is beside it, on the next door to your right. The huge 4.8m x 4m bathroom has enough space to fit a toilet, double sink, shower and tub.

    The following room on your right is the second bedroom of the house. This one too is 4.8m x 4m, fitting a large bed or two twin beds.

    Moving on inside the house, the next door to your right is the laundry room of 4m x 1.8m. Beside it, through the wooden door, is a 4m x 2.1m mudroom with its own access, which helps keep clean the rest of the house, avoiding wet messes. So, if you were thinking of installing a pool, this side of the house would be its perfect place.

    Next to the mudroom is the third bedroom of the house. This one is 4.8m x 3m, which while it may be smaller than the other two, still comfortably fits a nice large bed or a couple of twin beds.

    Step through the door in front of this bedroom to discover the Master Bedroom. This gorgeous 4.8m x 4.7m room has its own 2.4m x 3.6m walk-in closet and 2m x 3.6m en suite, with toilet, sink and tub. It also has its private exit to the covered deck outside.

    Return to the central corridor, and turn to the first room on your left. This is the 4m x 2m study, with a great view of the deck.

    Continue walking down the corridor and you’ll discover the opening to the grand, double-height ceiling 4.8m x 6m dining room. This incredible space offers enough room to fit a large dining table, perfect for big family gatherings.

    It also allows you to use it with any type of weather, as it has two French doors that open onto the outdoor deck (for having meals outside on sunny days) and a double fireplace that also faces the lounge room (for lighting it up on dinners inside on rainy days).

    To the right hand side of the dining room is the 4.8 x 6.5 lounge room, connected by an opening in the wall, so it allows for more privacy. This room also has two floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the deck.

    To the left hand side of the dining room is the huge 4.8m x 6.5m kitchen, with an island counter in the middle and a large 1.2m x 4.8m pantry, which comes in handy if you’re planning on using the house only on holidays; you can store all your food in the pantry, and save yourself the trip to the supermarket during your well-deserved vacations.

    Finally, we get to the outdoor part of the house. A large wooden deck surrounds the home, almost all the way. Outside the study, is a 4.7m x 4m covered deck area, which can be used for BBQ, as the smoke can easily drift away or you can plan your next kiddie’s party here.

    You and your family will definitely enjoy living in this shipping container house, while contributing to the environment with an eco home.

    Ideal for: Family, large family, holiday house
    Can be built on: Flat building site, with correct footings, most soil types
    Use: Residential, commercial accommodation, holiday block
    Type of footings required: Slab, stilts/posts
    Total undercover area: 283sqm
    Total inside area: 265sqm
    Total livable area: 343sqm
    Bedrooms: 4 Bedrooms (1 @ 4.7m x 4.8m, 1 @ 3m x 4.8m and 2 @ 4m x 4.8m)
    Bathrooms: 2 (1 @ 2m x 3.6m and 1 @ 4.8m x 4m)
    Kitchen: 4.8m x 6.5m
    Dining room: 4.8m x 6m
    Lounge room: 4.8m x 6.5m

    Container Home Features:

    • Wood deck
    • Laundry
    • Mudroom
    • Double fire place
    • Kitchen pantry
    • Study
    • Double-height dining room
    • Master bedroom en suite

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