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    Mar 30 th, 2017
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    Shipping Container Technical Drawing – 6m (20ft) 2a

    20ft shipping container plan
    2 x 20ft shipping container plan a12 x 20ft shipping container plan a42 x 20ft shipping container plan a32 x 20ft shipping container plan a2Shipping container plan details


    Included is a technical plan of 2 'high cube' 20ft shipping containers (6060mm x 2900mm). The 2 containers are laid out as seen in the pictures.

    These plans are perfect for those who want to sketch-in their own layouts to exact specifications.

    Sure you can draw a rectangle and a basic layout, but if you want to work out exactly what kitchen or bathroom layout will work? Perhaps where you want windows and doors? then these plans are ideal for you.

    These container plans are also ideal for getting quotes and if you decide to get architecturally drawn plans for your container home then these will also save you hundreds of dollars as you have already completed the concept plans to a high level.



    Product Description

    Please note: There can be slight variances in shipping containers from different manufacturers, normally no more than 2cm which is negligible but be aware when purchasing your containers.

    Even when buying secondhand the safest option is to buy containers from the same manufacturer, not just the retailer if possible.

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